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I met mike in the spring of 1998 while looking for a third member for the noise turned pop band I was playing in. After performing at WSBF's (Clemson's radio station) 1998 spring concert, flop, u.k. was pretty much defunct. Tom moved up to Massachusetts and left mike and I as the sole survivors of the FlaM/flop fiasco.

When school started up again in August, Mike and I both just assumed that we would start writing songs together. Originally we planned to start a 1964-syle oldies band called the gages. But then something ludicrous happened:

One day while doing my radio show at WSBF, I came across Jad and David Fairs "Monster Songs for Children" cd. Mike, having tried his hand at writing children's songs, and I, loving anything to do with monsters, were instantly intrigued. And just as instantly disappointed. We loved the idea behind the cd: 26 songs, one for each letter of the alphabet, all about a different monster. But the songs just did not seem to be very appealing for children. So on that day mike and I made a pact-we would recreate the monster song album. We wrote down all the songs titles, and without listening to another track began writing songs about monsters.

About 5 months later we were both surprised when we finished the 13 minutes epic "Zombie", ending the monster sessions. The climax of the project came when we performed as the ricky and mike sing-a-long group at the 1999 WSBF spring concert. We burned about 30 copies of the "The Monster Project" and, to our surprise, sold all of them for $2 each. We both bought a cherry coke with our profits.

So next came the big question: What do you write after you've been recording songs about monsters for 5 months? We were not sure. Slowly we moved away from songs about werewolves and trolls and started trying to write "real" songs.

This became so serious we decided we needed a name. Earlier in the year I had introduced Julie and Mike to my personal addiction - Ms. Pac-Man - which they took to a whole new level (driving 30 minutes to a laundry mat that had a Ms. Pac-Man). Somewhere during this time I became reacquainted with my old friend Galaga, which Mike quickly joined. At one point we apparently noticed that when you make the top 5, you are referred to as "The Galactic Heroes." That seeped into our subconscious and was revived on a drive to Greenville searching for band names.

So we began recording some of our post-monster songs we had written on 4 track, and sent them off to a few labels. While waiting to hear back, mike and I made the big jump into 8-track recording with the purchase of our Tascam 488s MKII.

When we heard back from magic marker, and after suckering them into releasing a full-length album, we began recording songs about our cross-country exploits of the previous year. After finishing the album, we drafted a good friend to fill in the live sound and premiered at, where else, WSBF's 2000 spring concert.

03.18.06 @ obsolete inc (2-6 pm) free beer!, austin, tx, w/ tullycraft, the owls, the bats
03.18.06 @ halle cabana 6 (sxsw), austin, tx, w/ tullycraft, the owls, the bats

The Galactic Heroes are
Mike and Ricky


"Cherokee" [MP3]
"coffee and pastries" [MP3]

CD $10.00

The Galactic Heroes - Every Sidewalk

every sidewalk
1. get up
2. sum of your parts
3. coffee and pastries
4. payphone country
5. bus stop
6. all in time
7. brisk shower
8. brief meeting
9. to a passing tune
10. sing-a-long
11. back in love
12. all makes a day


made in usa/made in japan 7"
1. u-shaped hole
2. don't give up
3. save it for a rainy day
4. you're something worth shouting and screaming about

CD $10.00

LP $10.00

The Galactic Heroes - How About San Francisco?

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How About San Francisco?
1. Neat Street
2. Cherokee
3. Heroes and Villains
4. Shai-Yo
5. Philadelphia
6. Today Won't Be the Same
7. Copy Cop
8. The Hit
9. Ice Skating
10. Baby Blue Volvo
11. Rain
12. Shut up and Rock
13. The Summer Project
14. Open Frame
15. Body Touch, No Deposit No Return
16. Wonderful
17. Tennessee
18. Porch Swing
19. To Be Alone

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