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Heikki is Jari Haapalainen (guitars) and Maria Eriksson (vocals). We started to play together in 1999, in Stockholm, Sweden. That was the year we met.

In 2002 our debut, the mini-cd, HEIKKI was released in Scandinavia. All the recordings were made at home using an 8-track recorder and the instruments that happened to be around.

The follow up, HEIKKI 2, was released on April 14th 2004 (also only in Scandinavia). We spent two days in a studio with some friends helping us out. Sort of like a real band. The arrangements are a bit more complex (compared to the mini-cd) with different instrumentation (such as double bass, clarinet, trumpets, drums, accordion etc.) and there are three harmony vocals on every song.

But we canít stop writing about ex-friends, enemies, over heard conversations, and that relative you still donít understand ...

The name Heikki, is Finnish, and was the name of Jariís grandfather. He lived in a tiny village in the north of Finland and was known as the mandolin king. Although weíve never met him (he died in 1946...), just the knowledge of him walking in the snow from one house to the other, in that isolated and cold place, to find someone to play for, well, that is something we understand ...

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Heikki - Heikki 2

1. former hero
2. election day
3. still you donít know me
4. give it back to you
5. lovely hands
6. I canít stand (to see someone hurt)
7. smiling liar
8. I need a man
9. donít ask me why
10. tonight
11. nothing lasts
12. tender is the night (the long fidelity)

Heikki is
Jari Haapalainen, Maria Eriksson


Former Hero [MP3]

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