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Minisnap's "Bounce Around" is the first release by members of The Bats without lead singer/songwriter Robert Scott. Kay Woodward takes the lead with her strong but delicate vocals and her own turn at song writing. The same rhythm section of The Bats is there so the comparisons are hard not to make. The folksy Velvet Underground sound keeps chugging along with Kaye's vocals leading the way.

Minisnap features the songwriting skills of Kaye Woodward (vocals, guitar) along with fellow Bats, Paul Kean (bass, guitar) and Malcolm Grant (drums) plus Marcus Winstanley from The Undercurrents on guitar. It isnít often that a member of one of your favorite bands steps from supporting to lead role and completely bowls you over. Kaye does so with her angelic voice and heart filled songs.

"Crooked Mile" [MP3]

CD $10.00

Bounce Around
1. New Broom
2. Leave it to You
3. Innocent
4. Wintersweet
5. In the Morning
6. Rehash
7. Crooked Mile
8. Big Blue Sky
9. In A Dream
10. Coppice
11. Fred's Song
12. A Walk in the Dark

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