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Various Artists
House Full of Friends

"Magic Marker House" Galactic Heroes (not on the CD!)[MP3]

2 CD $12.00

A House Full of Friends

1. cowboy "kneebending"
2. lucksmiths "once again"
3. mates of state "invitation inn"
4. ashley park "chelsea beautiful"
5. i live the life of a movie star secret hideout "indochine kru (come and see)"
6. the thermals "top of the earth"
7. eux autres "le project citron"
8. benji cossa "going back, no more"
9. the mosquitoes "hong kong flu"
10. everybody else "i gotta run"
11. masters of the hemisphere "better things"
12. the crabs "anything and everything"
13. the decemberists "the chimbley sweep"
14. dear nora "sarah, you're not for me"
15. my little brother "my little brother"
16. the brother egg "penny farthing"
17. dennis driscoll "you & i were one"

1. boycrazy "bad things"
2. all girl summer fun band "grizzly bear"
3. the minders "donít you stop"
4. the shins "baby boomerang"
5. the galactic heroes "4306 se 34th ave"
6. the bartlebees & anja "ne me quitte pas"
7. #poundsign# "camera"
8. andrew kaffer "house full of friends"
9. dressy bessy "hey may"
10. aislers set "untitled"
11. aerospace "rocketship"
12. the sporting life "queen of sandcastles"
13. tullycraft "sad, sad, day"
15. lunchbox "the living end"
15. darren hanlon "video store"
16. the salteens "time you have been wasting"
17. the softies "itís love" (live)

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all girl summer fun band
benji cossa
boy crazy
dear nora
galactic heroes
kissing book
plastic mastery
the bartlebees
the bats
the best friends group
the gazetteers
the owls
vehicle flips
walker kong

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