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Lunchbox - The Magic of Sound

The Magic of Sound

"Lotion" [MP3]

1. In My World
2. Ordinary Day
3. Lotion
4. Just Because
5. A Special Feeling
6. Wanna Reach You
7. Little Things
8. Still Life
9. So Much About You
10. I Need More Time
11. Episode

On Magic of Sound, Oakland, CA's Lunchbox emerged to the forefront of the West Coast style of melodic indie pop. The disc kicks off with the atmospheric and subdued "In My World," which gives way to the frenzied and summery "Ordinary Day." Many of the songs (like "Just Because" and "So Much About You") start off with choppy and inventive audio experiments, eventually leading to the layered and upbeat soundscapes the band began to assemble with this disc. Guitarist Tim Brown led the attack on vocals yet again and was backed up by bassist Donna McKean. The duo performed most of the recording work on their own, both performing multiple instruments. The group maintains a cheerful mood throughout, combining organ, keyboards, and handclaps to create an infectiously happy series of songs. The pairing of "Little Things" and "Still Life" might be crescendo of the disc, utilizing harmonies, keyboards, and synthesizer to create a wave of pleasurable pop. The disc comes to a close with wavy organ and synthesizer on the instrumental "Episode." Shannon Handy stepped in on drums on some tracks, while Alvis Catalono added some guitar work to "Still Life." The disc was co-produced by Brown and Ciao Bella's Jamie McCormick.
- Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide

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