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Vehicle Flips - For You I Pine

Vehicle Flips
For You I Pine

"Trouble on the Western Survey" [MP3]

1. Where the Capital Flows
2. City Beautiful
3. Parcel Post
4. Trouble on the Western Survey
5. Bus Pass
6. Song for Pahaquarry, NJ (1824-1997)
7. Graduation Party
8. Icejam
9. Anti-Hymn
10. Parcel Post (Return to Sender)

Languid this record may be, but it rates as among the most thoughtful and thought-provoking of the millenium thus far. These songs all seem to manage to address geographical separation in some way, whether they are love letters home from an 18th century survey party, towns disincorporating, college friends leaving to "where the capital flows", or parcels never arriving. Even the sung liner notes (!) touch upon the fact that the band has now dispersed across three different states. The narrative cohesion makes this listen like some sort of musical chapbook. But the music is worthy as well. The reference points are perhaps dated (I hear Galaxie 500 or the Clean), but the melodies are catchy, the bass is pretty, and the snare drum is sharp. There is a song about a graduation party (again concerned with imminent separation), but this isn't a song you would play at a typical graduation party. Maybe a dinner party instead, with a half dozen of your closest friends.
- Paul Block

Vehicle Flips
The Premise Unraveled

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CD $10.00

Vehicle Flips - The Premise Unraveled

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