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The Galactic Heroes - How About San Francisco?

Galactic Heroes
How About San Francisco?

"Cherokee" [MP3]

1. Neat Street
2. Cherokee
3. Heroes and Villains
4. Shai-Yo
5. Philadelphia
6. Today Won't Be the Same
7. Copy Cop
8. The Hit
9. Ice Skating
10. Baby Blue Volvo
11. Rain
12. Shut up and Rock
13. The Summer Project
14. Open Frame
15. Body Touch, No Deposit No Return
16. Wonderful
17. Tennessee
18. Porch Swing
19. To Be Alone

Magic Marker Records have definitely made a name for themselves. By releasing records by the All Girl Summer Fun Band, Dear Nora, and the Bartlebees, this label has become synonymous with pop. The Galactic Heroes are no exception, as their debut album How About San Francisco shines with an angle of lo-fi bounce. With their interesting collection of instruments that include kazoos, whoo-whistles, water xylophones, "a cup of laundry change," and a physics book, the results are some of the catchiest 60's bubblegum jingles to have ever been recorded in a bedroom. Fans of Beluah or The Apples In Stereo could appreciate this, as well as those who want to know how a physics book sounds.
- Mike DaRonco,

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