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Dear Nora
Dreaming Out Loud EP

1. just one more thing
2. one two three four
3. dreaming out loud
4. out to dry
5. my autobiography
6. in my room
7. slow and strong
8. my guitar


Portland, Oregon's Dear Nora is nominally a trio, though their 7-inch EP "Dreaming Out Loud" (Magic Marker) was actually written and recorded solely by singer/guitarist Katy Davidson-in 24 hours. Which, considering that it includes eight songs, is a neat trick. (If a lot of them seem to be about herself, playing music and being in her room, thats's understandable under the circumstances; calling one song "One Two Three Four" though, would be pushing it if it weren't such a good little tune.) Davidson's a big hearted la-la pop formalist-Heavenly's tender refractions of early Beatles are obviously a big influence-and the formal limitations and casualness of this project make her carefully worked-out harmonies even more charming.
- Douglas Wolk, CMJ Monthly

Dear Nora There Is No Home

[track list]

CD $10.00

Various Artists
a house full of friends

[track list]

2 CD $12.00

A House Full of Friends

Dear Nora Mountain Rock

[track list]

CD $10.00

Dear Nora - Mountain Rock

Dear Nora the new year e.p.

[track list]

CD $8.00

Dear Nora - The New Year EP

Dear Nora we'll have a time

[track list]

Dear Nora - We'll Have a Time
LP $10.00

MMR-012 (Japanese Import)
Dear Nora We'll Have a Time

[track list]

CD $14.00

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