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Dear Nora - We'll Have a Time
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(Japanese Import w/ 8 extra Tracks)

Dear Nora
we'll have a time

since you went away [MP3]

1. rollercoaster
2. 'round and 'round
3. since you went away
4. you looked like a portrait
5. when the wind blows
6. springtime fall
7. i'm turned inside out
8. everyone's the same
9. early to bed
10. number twelve
11. from my bedroom window
12. lullaby

just one more thing
one two three four
dreaming out loud
out to dry
my autobiography
in my room
slow and strong
my guitar

if Portland pop music is a high school, this spring's valedictorian is the band Dear Nora. Their debut effort, "We'll Have a Time" is a stunning album, brilliant in it's intent and perfect in its execution. Not only does Dear Nora present some of the catchiest songs written around these parts, singer-guitarist Katy Davidson and drummer Marianna Ritchey nail their harmonies in combinations seldom imagined. The harmonies, which play off Davidson's expert melodies and clever song structures, make the CD a must for fans of straight - ahead vocal music. There's definitely something very Shirelles going on here. Add to that a dash of, oh let's say Doris Day or Julie London, just to shake things up. From there, the music runs the gamut from early-period Pretenders (the irresistible "'round and 'round") to Lesley Gore ("Since You Went Away," tinged with beautiful major to minor changes). Dear Nora's debut makes a major statement. Its fill with joy, craft, and with its longing lyrics, intrigue. Its also beautifully produces by the Aislers Set's Amy Linton.
- Andy Giegerich, Portland Tribune

Dear Nora Three States: Rarities '97-'07

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CD $12.00

Dear Nora There Is No Home

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CD $10.00

Various Artists
a house full of friends

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A House Full of Friends

Dear Nora Mountain Rock

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CD $10.00

Dear Nora - Mountain Rock

Dear Nora the new year e.p.

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CD $8.00

Dear Nora - The New Year EP

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