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Boy Crazy - Foreign Words

Boy Crazy
Foreign Words

"Stark Street" [MP3]

1. stark street
2. bad things
3. apartments
4. why aren't you free?
5. foreign words
6. plastic bags
7. ophelia
8. diamonds and rubies
9. through the walls
10. ufo
11. mrs. jones
12. morning song

With its earnest boy/girl harmonies, modest but spry instrumentation and daydreamy lyrics, Foreign Words sounds like a byproduct of the early '90s indie-pop boom. As it turns out, that's not far from the truth: Boycrazy was formed by vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Bryce Edwards and Rachel Blumberg in mid-'90s Portland, after both had spent time hanging out or playing with the Crabs, Sissyface and the Elephant 6 crew. Between jaunts as part of fellow jangle-pop perfectionists the Minders, Edwards and Blumberg established a permanent lineup for Boycrazy (adding a second guitarist/keyboardist and a bass player), which makes its debut on Foreign Words. Despite the band's obvious instrumental chops, the arrangements are unfussy and casually playful, marked by bop-along multi-part harmonies and simply strummed guitar/bass rhythms. By keeping it breezy and melodically bright, Boycrazy manages to avoid the more obvious shortcomings of indie-pop naivetÈ, allowing the irrepressible surge of youthful wistfulness to lead the way.
- Colin Helms, CMJ New Music Report

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