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The Owls - Our Hopes and Dreams

The Owls
Our Hopes and Dreams

1. air
2. do ya?
3. forever changing
4. luck
5. baby boy
6. from far away
7. drop me a line
8. even now

The Owls' debut is a charming, easy going indie pop record that will have you reaching for comparisons to such indie pop greats as Heavenly, Small Factory and Belle and Sebastian. If that sounds like your cup of cocoa, Our Hopes and Dreams can settle in nice and cozily next to your Camera Obscura and Walker Kong. The record is filled with gems like the cute as a button Air, the ultra catchy Do Ya?, the downcast and dreamy Luck and the small scale epic Drop Me a Line. Songs that are heart felt and emotional but with the emotion tucked firmly inside long sleeves. The album is mostly pretty simple but imaginative, clean guitars, quiet drums, the occasional piano, Allison LaBonne and Maria May's breathy, melancholy and always sweet vocals. The one high point is Brian Tighe's Forever Changing which features a lush synthesizer string backing and pianos straight out of Brit Psych 1968. This is an unassuming record that will be instantly familiar and as snug as a favorite old sweater. Seek it out.
- Tim Sendra, All Music Guide

The Owls Daughters and Suns

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The Owls - Daughters and Suns

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