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Walker Kong - Transparent Life

Walker Kong
Transparent Life

"battleship of thieves" [MP3]

1. beginning of the falls
2. the leisure class
3. halo coming down
4. battleship of thieves
5. blood of robert frost
6. transparencies
7. the neutral kids
8. margot andileu
9. invisible camera
10. the perfect line
11. the salt lick

Walker Kong's second album was like a glorious coming out party, their third album Transparent Life is a coronation. The album is eleven tracks of meticulously constructed adult pop that is equally thrilling and soothing, made to move your mind and set your heartstrings thrumming. The band takes cues from smooth 80's adult groups like Prefab Sprout, the Lilac Time and especially the GoBetweens, combining literate lyrics and sophisticated song structures Something about the lush layers of guitars and organic instruments, the wistful vocals and the epic swell of the songs brings to mind faint echoes of Paisley Underground bands; "Margot Andelieu" sounds lifted right out of the Rain Parade's songbook and "The Leisure Class" is very much like the best Green on Red song the band never recorded. The whole record sounds great as the production is flawless, the songs full of surprising twists and turns and quite varied from the charging indie rock of "Battleship of Thieves" to the quietly dramatic chamber pop of "Transparencies" to the laid back country rock of the untitled bonus track. Vocalist (and chief songwriter) Jeremy Ackerman puts his vocals out front a bit more on this album, sounding very much like McLennan and Forster rolled into one. Alexandra Ackerman provides wonderfully supportive vocals throughout when she finally steps out and gets some solo airtime on the "Perfect Line" (one of the better songs on the album, by the way) the effect is completely charming. The band is note perfect from beginning to end, Tony Mogelson's restrained lead guitar work and Emily Cahill's powerful drumming in particular. Walker Kong sound like the Band if they were midwestern sweethearts or Yo La Tengo if they filmed in widescreen or the Hi Rhythm Section playing with a prearena Heartbreakers (Tom Petty's, not Johnny Thunders'). But wait, whatever you do, don't let all these lazy comparisons lead you to believe that the record is derivative because it isn't. Not by a long shot. Embracing the past does not doom you to repeat it. Transparent Life is totally original and breathtakingly alive. Like contemporaries Young Sexy, Walker Kong are the sound of the new sophistication, minus irony and with the addition of a thoroughly modern heart.
- Tim Sendra, All Music Guide

Walker Kong there goes the sun

[track list]

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Walker Kong - There Goes the Sun

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