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The Galactic Heroes - Every Sidewalk

Galactic Heroes
Every Sidewalk

"coffee and pastries" [MP3]

1. get up
2. sum of your parts
3. coffee and pastries
4. payphone country
5. bus stop
6. all in time
7. brisk shower
8. brief meeting
9. to a passing tune
10. sing-a-long
11. back in love
12. all makes a day

The four years between the releases of Galactic Heroes records has luckily meant no change to their happygolucky indie pop sound. Built around the franticly strummed acoustic guitars of Mike and Ricky, the songs are layered with all sorts of percussion, keyboards, bells, horns and aural sweets. On top sit the cute but not precious vocals, both Mike and Ricky sing in the openthroated, wideeyed style of teenage kids discovering pop for the first time and their harmonies are unremittingly sweet. Maybe the more hardhearted among us may dismiss this record and the band as twee but anyone who goes beyond the obvious will see and hear that the band has a passion and highly developed sense of arrangement and craft that propels them beyond amateur status. Songs like the shimmering "Payphone Country," "Brisk Shower," the propulsive "SingaLong" and "All Makes a Day" are the work of a band that knows what they are doing. They may be coming from toytown but the Galactic Heroes aim much higher and on Every Sidewalk they reach the tip top of indie pop.
- Tim Sendra,

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