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The Bats - At the National Grid

The Bats
At The National Grid

"Bells" [MP3]

1. Western Isles
2. Horizon
3. Hubert
4. Bells
5. Single File
6. Pre War Blues
7. The Rays
8. Things
9. Mir
10. Up To The Sky
11. We Do Not Kick
12. Flowers & Trees

- Spin Magazine

during their respite, an import-only greatest hits package flawlessly bundled the bats' indispensable highs. improbably, at the national grid holds up as a fitting companion piece.
- Glen Sarvady, CMJ

the bats at the national grid is a bit of a shock, not because of any major musical changes (the band's jangling purr remains intact), but because it sounds oddly contemporary—the kind of docile rock that would make sub pop's post-shins a&r team slobber. on tranquil acoustic numbers "bells" and "western isles," robert scott and kaye woodward's voices fasten together beautifully, practically strumming the guitars for them; but when at the national grid turns frantic (as on "horizon," the record's best track), those same vocals turn defiant, backed by increasingly ramshackle fuzz-guitar asides. that the bats can churn out such an alternately haunting and heartfelt collection in their 23rd year is a testament to their indefatigable skills
- Brian Rafferty, Magnet

The bats' first album in ten years starts off perfectly with the low-key "western isles," with robert scott and kaye woodward singing delicate harmonies while the guitars gently hum behind them. it is a lovely welcome back, and not only do they pick up where they left off, at the national grid may be their best album since daddy's highway. if you know your new zealand pop or college rock history, that's really saying something. that record was a masterpiece of understated emotion that sounded completely unique and true. this record is lighter in tone, more cleanly recorded, and almost as powerful.
- Tim Sendra,

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