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If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where Plastic Mastery were born, and what our lousy childhoods were like, and how our parents were occupied and all before we had this band, and all that David Copperfield kinda crap. But we don't feel like going into it if you wanna know the truth. In the first place ,we are from Tallahassee, and in the second place, the parents of our five members would have about two hemorrhages apiece if we told anything pretty personal about them. They're quite touchy about anything like that, especially since we've only been together for two years and all. They're nice and all-I'm not saying that- but they're also touchy as hell. Besides, we're not going to tell you our whole goddamn autobiography or anything. We'll just tell you about these violins, trumpets, and madman guitars, and how we like to use one track of distortion just for the drums. I mean that's all Jeremy and Nick told each other about, and they're brothers and all. They're in Florida, along with Larry, Juliet and Tic. That isn't too far from whatever crumby place you're at, excluding maybe New Zealand, and we'll come over and tour practically every weekend. We're going to tour around the country next month maybe. Jeremy just got a new distortion pedal. One of these little English jobs that can erase all tone and make this angry white fuzz. It cost him damn near twenty bucks. We've got a lot of dough, now. We didn't use to, but it's the beginning of the semester and financial aid just came in and all. We wrote this terrific bunch of songs. In case you never heard of them, the best ones are about angels, and the fall, and all that kinda stuff. They kill us. Now we're released all over the world, Plastic Mastery, being prostitutes. If there's one thing we hate, it's being sued by writers we love. Don't even mention that to us.

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Plastic Mastery - In the Fall of Unearthly Angels

in the fall of unearthly angels
1. before the fall
2. why can't you breathe again
3. miles away
4. sidelines
5. yeah, tonight
6. remember that night I thought I was going to die?
7. the bomb song
8. in the fall of unearthly angels
9. light above your head
10. the earthingls of the evenings
11. beautiful dancer
12. hapworth july, 2006
13. after the fall

Plastic Mastery is
Jeremy Underwood, Nick Underwood, Juliet Sy, Larry Bonk, Tic, ,Shawn Gallagher


Before the Fall [MP3]

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