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the best friends group is about having toast with your friends. and it just so happens that we've some songs to sing. i always justify my life with productivity. but really i just want to have food and converse with some charming kids. marky and i became great friends over the phone while we joked and laughed about the 1st time the lucksmiths would meet the kissing book. since then we've become even better friends.

one night in kentucky at ross' house while, quite frankly, too drunk, we consumed all of the bread in the house. here is where the best friends group was born. but it did not really live until i found myself in australia. kellie and dunky, already full of gas, instantly helped me get into endless amounts of trouble. and pete managed to find the adventure. and we kind of pulled it together somehow, through the tea breaks and refusals to do any work and trips to the bread dumpster. "8 songs is plenty." not only for a show, but for a record too.

if you want to know more about the best friends group, check these bands out: the lucksmiths, sodastream, architecture in helsinki, and kissing book.

xoxo, andy

CD $8.00

The Best Friends Group - When Everyone's Around

when everyone's around
1. the first dead leaves of autumn
2. the free man
3. killing time
4. sweet little ray
5. they died too young
6. any of kind of pain
7. another sad city
8. the heavy-heart song

The Best Friends Group is
Andrew Kaffer, Mark Monnone, Pete Cohen, Kellie Sutherland, Dunky Jack


The Free Man [MP3]

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