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The Faintest Ideas started out as Javelins in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2003 as an excuse to use some free studio time that the members previous bands never used, so Martin, Christoffer and Daniel wrote a couple of songs, rehearsed them a few times and in true punk manners went to the studio two weeks after their first rehearsal and recorded an ep. And since they had a record, they decided to start a label, and they called it Yellow Mica Recordings after a line in the first song they wrote. The ep led to a gig at the legendary swedish festival “Mitt nästa liv”, and since they were one member short they borrowed a drummer from the mod band The New Recruits that both Martin and Christoffer played in at that time. After the gig Joel, a club organizer, label owner and solo artist under the name Milkman, came up and introduced himself to the band and said that he was the forth member they were looking for, and in that moment the band was completed.

As a full band they wasted no time, but recorded some compilation tracks and 4 more ep´s that got great reviews in indie zines and blogs all over the world, played a handful of gigs in Sweden with bands as Boyracer, Dear Nora, Hormones In Abundance, The Young Untold, Love Is All and Saturday Looks Good To Me and gained a reptuation as the punky, noisy and chaotic band on the swedish indie scene, which led to the interest from the new swedish label Melodrama who re-released the first 4 sold out ep´s and some bonus tracks as an album titled “Terrific times and unrehearsed crimes” in Januari 2006.

By now the band got offers from all their favourite labels to release records, and like true gentlemen they said yes to all the offers they got, and recorded a batch of songs to be released as an album on Magic Marker and Club Pop. They named the album “What goes up must calm down” and at the same time they came up with a new moniker, The Faintest Ideas, to avoid being mixed up with all the other bands named Javelins.

And so, here they are; The Faintest Ideas.

CD $10.00

The Faintest Ideas

What Goes Up Must Calm Down

1. You're Beautiful
2. Dear Leibniz
3. Capital Between Brackets
4. All Stars
5. Dexter's Got A Sinister Heart
6. Missed Missesv 7. Everything Is Black
8. Gun Totin' Hooligans
9. Nosebleeders On The Track
10. Try Too hard
11. I Hear It But I Don't Like It
12. Mountain of Tics
13. Nothing Will Ever Happen
14. Decapitated
15. Lose The Downside

06.29.07 Pusteviksteatern @Villa Rosie Club Göteborg
07.23.07 Gothenburg gothenburg
07.27.07 11:00AM @Emmaboda Festivalen Emmaboda


"Nosebleeders on the Track" [MP3]

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