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this is THE BATS the jangly rock band from new zealand. part of the new zealand bands that were tagged with the kiwi-rock sound amongst other contemporaries the clean and the chills. the bats have gone on to influence many a band. they even have a greatest hits album!

robert scott, malcolm grant, paul kean, kaye woodward 1 line-up; 23 years; 6 albums; 4 world tours and a new album “the bats at the national grid” on it’s way.

from the band that brought you the legendary albums “daddy’s highway” and “silverbeet” and after ten years something sparks up when the bats get together to play. from a mantric like pick and strum of a chord from robert, add bouncing bass with twist from paul, a melodic hook from kaye on guitar and malcolm on a beat that just makes you want to move and dance. the combination of musical ingredients works perfectly - effortlessly. It’s been like that for 23 years now and the magic doesn’t seem to be fading. that is the essence -apply that magic to robert’s endless creative outpouring of songs and a recent late blooming from the pen of kaye woodward and you get a fine new albums worth of tunes from the bats circa 2005.

the bats have spent more than a decade forging a reputation based on their excellent songwriting and reliably buoyant pop performances. on record, they often appear as modern day pastoral musicians, revealing the charms of their music and words in gentle pop epiphanies, while their live performances have gathered acclaim for the energy that the group's insistently strummy rock instills in crowds.

recording all started at “the national grid", john kelcher’s studio in christchurch, new zealand where they did the initial session pretty much live to analogue multi track tape. this was then digitised and transferred to a trusty mac for overdubbing, editing and mixing at paul and kaye’s home studio in christchurch.

alastair gailbraith, who last featured on the bats “law of things”, has added his distinctive eclectic electric violin to some tracks.

The Bats are
Robert Scott, Malcolm Grant, Paul Kean, Kaye Woodward


"Bells" [MP3]

CD $10.00

LP $10.00

The Bats - At the National Grid

at the national grid
1. Western Isles
2. Horizon
3. Hubert
4. Bells
5. Single File
6. Pre War Blues
7. The Rays
8. Things
9. Mir
10. Up To The Sky
11. We Do Not Kick
12. Flowers & Trees

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