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The name of the band is WALKER KONG and this is just the beginning.

Formed in the spring of 1998 they were originally known as Walker Kong and the Dangermakers. The group had high ambitions even though the only trained musician was songwriter Jeremy Ackerman. The rest of the group: Emily Cahill on drums, Alex Ackerman on bass, Sara Vargas on keyboards and Katie Kanwischer on percussion were for some odd reason very willing to make this experiment a serious endeavor. Sometimes practicing 5 times a week, the band slowly built up the nerve to record their first lp entitled the early years, which despite it1s lack of technical luster some how put them on the map in their hometown of Minneapolis. Two successful ep's followed that highlight the bands progression from naive pop status to genre splitting song crafters. Those ep's won the band a number of awards from local newspapers including best pop group as well as holding a string of #1 hits on kuom 770 (University of Minnesota College Radio).

Throughout all this WALKER KONG and the Dangermakers had remained primarily in the bounds of the Midwest, knowing their style was rapidly changing and not quite ready for the world at large. Dropping the Dangermakers from their moniker they are simply know as WALKER KONG. At this time they added veteran musicians Tony Mogelson on guitar and Kevin Riach taking over on percussion. This was the line up that would eventually be thrust into the atmosphere.

Now the time has come and WALKER KONG are finally the band they wanted to be. With this in mind, you should hear their new album There Goes the Sun which will be released in the U.S. by Magic Marker Records this July. Containing many shifts in tempo, the album contains a mood that was meant to feel like the last day on earth. Songs about failed cities, self indulgent couture, faded memories, and the end of the world are assembled to evoke a soundtrack of solitude. Pastoral dance music that you dance to alone. Your soundtrack. Make no mistake though, this is not a manifesto, it is a pop record that treds happiness and sadness with great pleasure. With many nods to influences, you will hear Talking Heads, Orange Juice, the Go-Betweens, the Meters, Nillsson, John Cale and numerous others. More than anything, you will hear WALKER KONG. That's who they are. If you wish to experience the band live (a very different experience!) you may go to and view a show the band played with Broadcast last November.

"Andy Warhol & the Honey Bees" [MP3]
"executioner song " [MP3]
"battleship of thieves" [MP3]

7.20.07 @Schubas-Chicago,IL w/BOAT
7.21.07 @Turf Club-St. Paul, MN w/The Owls, BOAT, The Daredevil Christopher Wright
8.31.07 @Minnesota State Fair/ MPR Day. Carousel Park. WK @ 3:45PM.

Walker Kong is
Jeremy Ackerman, Emily Cahill, Alex Ackerman, Sara Vargas, Katie Kanwischer, Tony Mogelson, Kevin Riach


CD $10.00

Walker Kong - Deliver Us From People

Deliver Us From People
1. Change Your Mind
2. We Are the Falling Stars
3. The Waiting Room
4. Goodbye, Lonesome Eyes
5. Andy Warhol & the Honey Bees
6. Cloudy Girl from the Western World
7. Metamorphosis Blues
8. Belmont, 1973
9. Las Vegas Son
10. Don't Give It Up!
11. Oh, Jackie

CD $10.00

LP $10.00

Walker Kong - Transparent Life

Transparent Life
1. beginning of the falls
2. the leisure class
3. halo coming down
4. battleship of thieves
5. blood of robert frost
6. transparencies
7. the neutral kids
8. margot andileu
9. invisible camera
10. the perfect line
11. the salt lick

CD $10.00

LP $10.00

Walker Kong - There Goes the Sun

there goes the sun
1. My Photographer Friend
2. Executioner Song
3. Viva Homosapiens
4. Skyscrapers and the Moon
5. Pulitzer Prize
6. Distant Flash
7. Vivian Girls
8. Your Lovely Metropolis
9. Calvin Rae
10. Devotion
11. New Fallout Fashions
12. Kissing Booth

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